Reach out to us if in need,

We strive to support members from all walks of life to reach their full potentials.

What we do


— We Find & Fund

We find individuals, and families in need of our services and find sponsors or self fund our members registered with us. Please do not hestitate to contact us to see what best we can do.


— We Build Networks

We are building networks globally with our members at members currently in Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Sri Lanka and Phillipines at the moment.


— We Strengthen

We try our very best to render our best service to each member that approach us for help. Creating opportunities and working along side them to help the recharge and start all over again is our way of strengthening our members.


— We Educate

We support in not only educating children but also youth and adults in training opportunities. We help single Mums and Dads to further their skills and achieve their career goals.


— We Provide Care

We provide care for our lovely Senior Citizens to live independently in their homes. Care as regular visits by volunteers, help with living expenses and demostic household help to make sure they are living in a clean and healthy environment is offered.


— We Consult

We consult with families who have losed their loved ones, or have had an unexpected circumstances in life; and provide support to the best of our abilities.

What we care for!

Bringing dreams within reach for Children

Working with children to provide for their daily essentials – food, clean drinking water facilities, health living place and clothing.

The keys to a new future for the Chlidren in need

Working towards building new educational futures for children with their schooling helping them continue their education.

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Training and further education for the youth

In the progress of setting up training and further education for the youth to create opportunities for the to start fresh with less hurdles.

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Supporting our Senior Citizens with basic living essentials

Supporting our Senior Citizens with theid basic living essentials and helping them feel loved and wanted with our Volunteers regularly visiting and calling them.

Creating new opportunities for young parents looking for work

We are working on creating opportunities for singles and young parents by training and opportunities in setting them up to achieve their career goals.

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Bringing Dreams within Reach

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