Intense love does not measure, it just gives.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Join Holy Trinity Foundation & help us spread love and hope.

Striving on being a sunshine in someone’s life each day!

Holy Trinity Foundation (ABN 18 113 164 692) is a registered charity organisation in Australia, New South Wales.

As a charitable organization, we rely heavily on our sponsors and individual supporters’ generosity.

They make a huge impact. Most of our donations come from our Sponsors.

At Holy Trinity Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the “Giving

cheerfully and accepting gratefully” process.

Every individual, family, group, and organisation may prefer to give in their own way, which is why we can

customize your gift and approach to giving in a way that is comfortable for you, your family or business.

Every time our members / donors shop with one of our Sponsors, you are creating jobs, feeding,

educating and adding a smile to someone in need as a portion of all proceeds is

donated to Holy Trinity Foundation which help us to keep doing what we do.

You are changing someone’s life.

Help this vision. Join our mission. Join our Holy Trinity Foundation!


We facilitate safe learning spaces

Holy Trinity Foundation is a privately owned and operated Australian based, registered charity organization (ABN: 18 113 164 692), that exists to provide financial, emotional, and practical support to less fortunate people from all walks of life.

What started out as simple act of giving by a young family in 2018, has grown with the number of members being supported both overseas and locally.

Holy Trinity Foundation supports

members in Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

We strive to bring relief and support to households deprived by their day to day needs by offering our help not only financially but also providing emotional and practical support, by means advice and information through a network of dedicated volunteers.

Our services are free, confidential, and tailored specifically to the needs of each family. Our support is extended to families in needs, aged / senior citizens, special needs / disabled children and adults, pregnant women as well as animals.


A few of our programs include….

Living support for the Senior citizens

Supporting the special needs / disabled members in their day-to-day activities

Educational, food and clothing support for school aged children.

Antenatal programs and support for pregnant mothers.

Training and skills development programs to help youth and adults in gaining employment.

Support towards Mother Nature in providing support to our fur and winged friends.


The above mentioned are just a few of what we have in our list. We are constantly updating and adding more services to our list.

All our help comes purely from our sales in this site, as well as donations for up to 20% of all income generated from sales and services for our online and brick and mortar stores from our generous sponsors.

If you would like to get involved and help us support more underpriviledged members, feel free to shoot us an email and we will get back to you as our very earliest.

Getting involved and support us does not involve only monetary forms of giving, a few hours of your time each week should mean the world to us in our journey.

Your time can help us add a smile to a much needed member within the Holy Trinity Family.


— Our Mission

Holy Trinity Foundation is committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged, with a focus on individuals crom all walks of life. We does this through high impact interventions in education, health, and livelihoods, caused due to various factors.


— Our Vision

Holy Trinity Foundation vision is to contribute to being there for every individual who approach us in need of help.

Engage, inform, and inspire those passionate about building relationships, cinfifidence and trust in the life of a less fortunate individual.

Uphold principles of transparency, and accountability in all of our activities.


— Our Core Values


Promote inquiry and innovation across all levels of the organization Build creative capacity of all stakeholders through openness to new ideas, collaborative problem-solving, cross-functional teamwork, and a multiplicity of perspectives


Provide equal opportunities to all to contribute to our members needs. Create a culture of collaboration and teamwork, encouraging information sharing and participatory decision-making


Value all individuals and their contributions equally without regard to their race, class, caste, gender, ability, sexuality, or career level Listen to a diversity of perspectives to promote the most effective approach to collaborative problem-solving Practice thoughtfulness, kindness, and empathy with all stakeholders


Be honest and truthful in all circumstances while addressing conflict and challenges openly Uphold the highest ethical standards, including equanimity, transparency and accountability Resolve disputes and conflicts of interest proactively and fairly


Model continuous improvement, striving every day to best meet the changing needs of India’s poor, while maintaining razor-like focus on the AIF mission and values


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