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Giving, the key to success, fulfillment, prosperity and a life of prosperity.

Why choose us!

Striving on being a sunshine in someone’s life each day!

Why donate to Holy Trinity Foundation

Donations to Holy Trinity Foundation are used towards funding for the members registered with us and in need of aid and your contribution makes a real difference to many of our members who are from all walks of life – seriously ill and disabled children, families, senior citizens, etc. By donating to Holy Trinity Foundation directly, you are helping us spread hope and create opportunities.

The simplest way to donate can be by visiting one of our Sponsors stores and shopping from them. When you support us, it enables us to help these families, and by donating directly to Holy Trinity Foundation, you’re helping us to keep doing what we love doing and fulfill the purpose of why Holy Trinity Foundation has been set up.

Join our mission. Join our Holy Trinity Foundation.

Our Approach

About us

Holy Trinity Foundation is all about “Paying Forward”. Our work started off

as a Pay it Forward gesture by a young family. We believe in paying forward and sharing the blessings we have received and continue to receive till date. Holy Trinity Foundation started years back as a volunteer service tucked away in a tiny little corner of a sewing room by a seamstress whose work gradually grew, and the word spread around. This is our very first year of registering our services as a Charity Foundation and taking it live. Holy Trinity Foundation is registered in Australia, New South Wales. Under our Holy Trinity Foundation, we have three ventures under the same umbrella.

Act of Sharing – A donation and fundraising platform which helps us support the families and individuals from all walk of live that approach us in need.

Act of Caring – A platform where we cater to the needs of Senior Citizens, supporting them with their independent living needs

Belle Angel Gowns – Our very first ever volunteer service that lead us to the Holy Trinity Foundation.

Belle Angel Gowns is a voluntary service set up to support bereaved parents & their family members at the unimaginable time of the passing of a baby. Thanks to all the support we get, every member registered in our foundation receives the same level of care and support. As a charitable organization, the Holy Trinity Foundation relies heavily on our sponsors and individual supporters’ generosity. They make a huge impact. At Holy Trinity Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the giving process. Every individual, family, group, and organization may prefer to give in their own way, which is why we can customize your gift and approach to giving in a way that is comfortable for you, your family or business. Every time you buy from one of our Sponsors, you are creating jobs, feeding, educating and adding a smile to someone in need as a portion of all proceeds is donated to Holy Trinity Foundation which help us to keep doing what we do. You are changing someone’s life.

Help this vision. Join our mission. Join our Holy Trinity Foundation.

— Our Mission

Holy Trinity Foundation is committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged, with a focus on individuals with special needs, young

children and senior citizens. Although this is our main focus, we certainly

understand circumstances in life change from time to time and we aim not to turn down anyone who approach us in need from all walks of life. We do this through high impact interventions in education, health, and livelihoods, caused due to various factors.

— Our Vision

Holy Trinity Foundation vision is to contribute to being there for every individual who approach us in need of help.

Engage, inform, and inspire those passionate about building relationships,

confidence and trust in the life of a less fortunate individual.

Uphold principles of transparency, and accountability in all of our activities.

— Our Values

Our Core Values drive our vision, our mission and our interaction with our members.        

Stewardship – Our Management and Volunteers will govern the organisation with a “Duty of Care” and “Duty of Loyalty” to protect and distribute the assets of Holy Trinity Foundation for the purpose of advancing the missions of worthy causes.     

Interdependence – We will work collaboratively with our members to assure the best possible outcome of projects funded by the Holy Trinity Foundation.

Courage – We will view projects seeking funding in light of the Mission of the foundation without regard to criticism or difficulty.      

Integrity – We will adhere to moral and ethical principles.    

Transparency – We will operate openly and candidly and provide full disclosure on issues around conflict of interest, operations and funding practices.        

Leadership – We will lead by example, helping change the world one step at a time through guidance and collaboration.                    

Replicable – We will fund programs that share their lessons learned in order to advance the improvement of the quality of life in communities.      

Creativity – We will support programs that represent creative solutions to society’s problems.


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