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Time spent among animals, trees and the entire outdoors is never time wasted.”

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What we care for!

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Providing companionship for pets

Pets love to be owned and loved and this is where we come in. We find stary animals their forever home by our pet adoption process.

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Medical assistance for animals

Holy Trinity Foundation, helps our fur and winged babies with medical assistance and care. No one gets left behind!

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Pet food and shelter

We provide food and shelter for all animals or birds that are brought or dropped off to us. We do our utmost to provide them with the best care and needs.

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Serving Mother Nature

Serving Mother Nature is something we do by growing plants and handing out plants to our lovely members regularly.

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Contributing to the Wildlife

At Holy Trinity Foundation, no one gets left behind! We work hard in contributing towards the Wild life.

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Animal rescue

We provide animal rescue service to the less fortunate animals and move the to our adoption service when they are ready.

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