For it is in giving that we receive

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

Our Programs

Family Support:


— One to one support / Programs to work with you to deal with issues affecting you or your family, including advice and information about your

rights and entitlements, supports and techniques on parenting styles and dealing with children’s behaviour, personal development and confidence building,       

— Crisis Intervention in relation to homelessness, addiction, crisis pregnancy, domestic violence, illness, loss, bereavement, mental health,        

— Advocacy and referrals where, with your permission, we can contact other services and professionals to support and work with you to get your voice heard and your point of view across.

Counselling Support:


— A safe space to feel listened and respected, where you can free talk about personal issues, and not feel judged.      

— Support with managing stress, anxiety, loss, or bereavement.

— Helping you deal with relationship problems, and expressing difficult feelings such as anger, fear, etc.        

— Personal development building self-esteem, self-confidence, and assertiveness, encouragement exploring all possibilities, finding realistic

solutions, and empowering you to make positive changes in your life,

Community Development Outreach Support:


— Support to support the local community to access the Holy Trinity Foundation’s community services and to connect service users and local

community groups.·        

— Community Development to build relationships with local schools, parents of the students and to network with key people in the area.

— To set up the Stepping Up Programme with the Early Years’ Service.

Education and Employment Support:


— Support children with educational assistance.·        

— Career Assessment deciding on a suitable job or career·        

— Support and information on jobs, careers, education, and training·        

— Career guidance exploring interests, skills, strengths and matching to suitable employment or training·        

— Career Coaching help in setting and achieving realistic career goals, developing career paths or progression plans,

Senior Citizens Care

— We provide activities and support to enhance community inclusion for older people living in living independently and are less mobile. This includes the provision of:

— in-home activities and supports; in-home and community meals; and outreach supports to our service participants.

Our service works from the values of: 


— Respect for the dignity of each person participating in our service.        

— Providing a warm, homely service environment.        

— Enhancing social inclusion, quality of life and community participation.

Our service participants can avail of the following:


— Daily meaningful activities which include music, games, gardening, and exercise. We also host occasional outings and events,        

— Regular home and hospital visits by our volunteers        

— Counselling supports: a confidential, accepting, non-judgmental space to support you to identify and address issues affecting your needs,       

— Social worker supports offering support and information to ensure you can access relevant services and supports you may require.

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