Belle Angel Gowns

Your memories last forever…

You were carried for a short time, but loved for a lifetime.

Our Approach

About our Angel Gowns

All our Angel Gowns are made from brand new fabrics and not used and donated wedding dresses.

We do get some lovely Brides donating the wedding dresses which we rent out and use the income generated from our rentals towards purchasing new fabrics.

At times we do get request from families for gowns to be maded from a wedding dress of the Mum of a family member which we certainly do our best to work around the family's request.

Help this vision. Join our mission. Join our Holy Trinity Foundation.

Belle Angel Gowns Bereavement Packs

All packs come with come with a special Keepsake for the parents.The Keepsakes are made from the same fabrics we use to make each AngelGown pack.

Belle Angel Gowns Packs are available from 12 weeks gestation to full term. We have also provided larger sizes by special request.

Wraps are for gestation up to 16 weeks. Each wrap comes with a tiny hat for the baby and a tiny hat for the parents to keep

Tiny sizes are for 16-20 weeks. These gowns are supplied gender neutral. Each pack has a gown, hat, bootees, nappy and blanket.

Small sizes are 21-23 weeks or 1-2lb . These gowns are supplied boy, girl or gender neutral. Each pack has a gown, hat, bootees, nappy and blanket.

If in need of a child’s bereavement pack and do know where to get them; please do not hesitate to message us. We are here to help in the best ways we can.

Bereavement packs for children to be available soon.

Be their sunshine, brighten up their days!

Help put a smile on a someone's face…

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