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Our Approach

About Act of Sharing

“Act of Sharing” works with displaced and disadvantaged children, youth, adults and the aged to support physically and mentally challenged well-being through some of the basic necessities of life.

“Act of Sharing” is established to bring people together in sharing their love for the community and do as much as we can, to establish opportunities for those physically and mentally challenged that has led them to being less privileged.

The need to be a helping hand and ensure we step forward in approaching and meeting the needs of these individuals that pass by as being ‘invisibles’ is our mission.

We aim to provide help with the basic needs of an increasingly large part of society, both locally and internationally by providing each registered member in need of the aid, with a set amount of funds each month; which might help them with  food, clothing, education, health care, vision care, dental care, or a simple ear to listen.

“Act of Sharing” is our platform where we raise funds to support our programs….·        

To sponsor a child·       

  To sponsor an aged parent/s

Supporting Mother nature by contributing towards saving our animals and plants

Visit the website to find out more and do your part in supporting us.

Give cheerfully and accept gratefully…..

Your charity helps give hope to those in needs.

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