Because only together we can…..

Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey.

Join Holy Trinity Foundation & help us spread love and hope.

Striving on being a sunshine in someone’s life each day!

Holy Trinity Foundation (ABN 18 113 164 692) is a registered charity organisation in Australia, New South Wales.

As a charitable organization, we rely heavily on our sponsors and individual supporters’ generosity.

They make a huge impact. Most of our donations come from our Sponsors.

At Holy Trinity Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the “Giving

cheerfully and accepting gratefully” process.

Every individual, family, group, and organisation may prefer to give in their own way, which is why we can

customize your gift and approach to giving in a way that is comfortable for you, your family or business.

Every time our members / donors shop with one of our Sponsors, you are creating jobs, feeding,

educating and adding a smile to someone in need as a portion of all proceeds is

donated to Holy Trinity Foundation which help us to keep doing what we do.

You are changing someone’s life.

Help this vision. Join our mission. Join our Holy Trinity Foundation!

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What we do


— We Find & Fund

We find individuals, and families in need of our services and find sponsors or self fund our members registered with us. Please do not hestitate to contact us to see what best we can do.


— We Build Networks

We are building networks globally with our members at members currently in Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Sri Lanka and Phillipines at the moment.


— We Strengthen

We try our very best to render our best service to each member that approach us for help. Creating opportunities and working along side them to help the recharge and start all over again is our way of strengthening our members.


— We Educate

We support in not only educating children but also youth and adults in training opportunities. We help single Mums and Dads to further their skills and achieve their career goals.


— We Provide Care

We provide care for our lovely Senior Citizens to live independently in their homes. Care as regular visits by volunteers, help with living expenses and demostic household help to make sure they are living in a clean and healthy environment is offered.


— We Consult

We consult with families who have losed their loved ones, or have had an unexpected circumstances in life; and provide support to the best of our abilities.

Working towards increasing opportunities

Training and education

We are working towards having creating training and further new educational oppotunities for children, youth and parents who are between stuggling without employment.

A Brighter Future — for Children

We are constantly working on creating brighter futures for children. Helping them with sponsors and being there for them to encourage them until they settle with their goals is what we are striving towards.

Our Sponsors

Shop with one of our Sponsors and support us.

Donate now…

Support us and change the course of a needy’s life today!

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